Welcome To TacoBoutMarketing.com

Welcome to TacoBoutMarketing.com! You might be wondering why I've put tacos into the mix with marketing. 🙂

I mean I sure would be wondering why tacos and marketing got put on the Internet together. They aren't something that really goes together, right?


A few years ago Facebook came along and we all started posting everything about our lives there. Well I'm completely and totally obsessed with tacos and I participate in Taco Tuesday (#TacoTuesday) almost every Tuesday. I posted about this on Facebook a lot and before I knew it I was getting sent all kinds of taco memes, I was tagged in everything relating to tacos, etc. Basically when tacos were mentioned my name would follow.

So, I decided to take my two biggest obsessions in life. Tacos and marketing, and put them all together in a fun way where you can learn all about Internet marketing and where to get the best tacos all over the world. 🙂

On most Tuesdays (because Taco Tuesday… duh!) I'll be posting an interview here with a leading expert. You get to sit in and listen as the divulge everything they know about the topic, and it wont cost you a dime. Unless you want to buy me tacos as a thank you gift. 🙂

Seriously… If you want to be me a taco (or tacos… I like to eat! 😂) you can CashApp me at LizTomey. Send me a link to your site and I'll give you a “shoutout” on social media while eating my tacos. 😉

So, welcome to the fun here, and I look forward to getting you as obsessed with tacos and marketing as I am.