I Publicly Said This… Wow!

It's not often that I publicly call people out on Facebook, but the other day I did!

No drama… *lol* I called Ben Fletcher out because I had bought something from him and got a bonus called Checklist Master Plan and was blown away that he was giving it away as a bonus.

It's a complete money-making plan for even the newest newbie!

However, it was a limited time bonus and you couldn't get it ANYWHERE… I wanted to tell my people about it, but there was nowhere to send them to get it. πŸ™

I had been on Ben about setting it up and selling it because this information could really help A LOT of people.

Well, I decided to give him a little push and told everyone to harass him until he got it up for sale because this thing really is THAT good.

And my Facebook friends came through and FINALLY now you can get your hands on this same product that totally blew me away!


This is a complete step-by-step plan that will give you a “paint-by-numbers” way to make-money… You could take this simple little lan and blow it up into a VERY-profitable and VERY easy to run business.

And when you see the price, you'll really be blown away!


If you're looking for a step-by-step plan to make-money online, I can't recommend this enough!


Talk soon!


Sorry… Your Email Is Dead!

I made a discovery the other day about emails…

You know how sometimes you go to a page and it wont accept your email address or you never get an email after subscribing? Well it might not be an issue with the page or the email service they're using.

It might be…


Here's what I'm talking about…

I recently created a squeeze page from something I'll be telling you about soon πŸ˜‰

I started sending some of my Facebook group people to it and people started having issues. Many couldn't subscribe or if they could my confirmation message was going to their SPAM folder.

Initially we thought this was an issue with Optimize Press, but after some back in forth and looking at log files (yeah I had to get super techy with this issue) we found that Aweber was blocking certain email address.

Very few were for absolutely NO reason, but many were from what they call “role based emails”.

Note: Here's the page from Aweber that talks about this https://help.aweber.com/hc/en-us/articles/204029356-Why-is-my-email-address-blocked-

Emails like this…


So, if you're using an email address on your domain then many autoresponders are blocking these.

Now I know on my side there are many things I can do to ensure my emails end up in your inbox, but if you really want my emails or the emails of others that you subscribe to then you need to make sure you're using a good email address.

AOL, hotmail, Outlook, and yahoo emails are also emails that are getting blocked by Aweber and other email services.

My best advice?

No clue as of right now. πŸ™‚

I'm going back and forth with Aweber right now on figuring all of this out, and will update you as soon as I have a concrete answer, but I wanted to bring this information to you RIGHT NOW so you have a heads up of some problems that you might have in actually getting email. I know it's a lot of you because you're always on the helpdesk saying you didn't get this email or that email.

Aweber is supposed to get back with me with an answer on Monday and then I can give you more details… Until then…

If you're using domain name email make sure you're not using one of the mentioned roles emails. Use something like YourName@YourDomain.com

If you use one of the mentiioned services then I recommend you stand by until Aweber tells me what to tell YOU guys. πŸ˜‰

Talk soon!


An Entire Website Traffic Biz!

The other day I shared with you how you can have an entire PLR business that's all ready to go!

If you missed that post you can see it at https://tacoboutmarketing.com/blog/an-entire-plr-business-made-easy

Today I want to show you the same thing, but in a different niche…

The Website Traffic Niche!

I LOVE this niche because there are so many online business owners looking for ways to get traffic into their business, so you have PLENTY of easy to reach buyers at your finger tips.

Now jumping in is the hard part, but I've made it easy with two things.

1. A completely done for you and ready to go website traffic business!


With this you'll get a ready to go squeeze page (with a monetized download page) to build your list, a special offer to allow you to make-money instantly from every subscriber, and a 30 day email campaign that is monetized with 8 different products you can become an affiliate for.

This thing is a full on business!

2. A PLR package that you can use to market this business!


Once you get the above system all setup you can then use this PLR content to market it via several different marketing tactics and monetize-it even further!

These two things give you an entire business and marketing plan for that business!

You could use this as your MAIN business or even a business to β€œcut your teeth on” and learn.

These two things alone are perfect for those of you learning or looking for an extra income-stream so make sure you take a look at them and grab them while you still can.

Note: I am doing PLR content packages for the other Ready To Go Systems also and I’ll let you know about those as I get them done. You can see ALL Ready To Go Systems at http://readytogosystems.com/sp/all

Okay, I just dropped a lot of information on you. πŸ™‚ But, I want to ensure that you see that I have tons of things you can “plug-in” and start using in your business if you're in the Internet marketing/make-money-online niches.

I am super passionate about these niches because #1 my people in these niches (I LOVE you guys) and #2 contrary to what the “gurus” say they are amazing niches to get into to LEARN and profit. I'm in other niches also, but this one has my heart.

So, jump in, build something that will make you-money and once you get good at marketing you can go do ANYTHING you want in ANY other niche you want.

If you have questions, just let me know at LizLive.com!

Talk soon!


An Entire PLR Business Made Easy!

I just wanted to mention something to you that I was talking about on one of my Facebook Lives last week.

I have a complete ready to go system for those who want to make-money in the PLR niche. You can see that at https://readytogosystems.com/sp/your-own-online-business-v1

You can set that up and have your own squeeze page where you can build your list, a special offer that everyone who joins your list sees after singing up, and an entire 31 day email campaign that is monetized with YOUR affiliate links.

It's all totally “fill in the blanks” and upload. I even have a complete video showing you how to do it step by step.

Now I created a PLR content package that is also on the topic of making-money with PLR and this can be used to market the above once you have it setup. I even have a workshop where you'll be shown how to use ALL the content in this package.

You can see that at https://todayinplr.com/plr-on-plr

So you set your money-making system up, use the PLR content to market it, and boom. πŸ”₯ You've got an entire business and marketing plan.

THIS is what so many of my readers are missing.

You could use this as your MAIN business or even a business to “cut your teeth on” and learn.

These two things alone are perfect for those of you learning or looking for an extra income-stream so make sure you take a look at them and grab them while you still can.

Note: I am doing PLR content packages for the other Ready To Go Systems also and I'll let you know about those as I get them done.

That's it for today… Just wanted to mention that because a lot of people are missing out on how easy I've made this. πŸ™‚

And one last thing… Thanks to all of you who voted in the poll I sent out.

43% wanted the new PLR package on website traffic (Went to work on this today!)

38% wanted a workshop on launching products (This is coming soon)

14% wanted a Ready To Go System for the resale rights niche.

5% of you wanted “something else” and a few emailed me about what they wanted.

I'll do this more often so you all get exactly what you want! This was fun!

Talk soon!


Day 7 – 90 Day Facebook Live Challenge

Today the “sun burn drama” continues, but we're moving forward and talking about doing your own Facebook Live Challenge, listening and not listening to your haters, and the real truth behind YOUR competition.

And here’s the replay of the Day 7!


The Workshop Brands

When I first got online I knew I wanted to teach people the things I knew about advertising and marketing their business. In 1998 I started a mailorder advertising business. We used adsheets and opportunity magazines to advertise our offers. I brokered advertising, created ad copy, did typesetting, did direct mail campaigns, and all kinds of stuff for businesses. All to help them get customers through the good ol' mail. Snail mail…

I also had “dealers” (they'd be called affiliates now days) who I allowed to sell my services for a percentage of the profits. They'd run ads selling my services, get orders in the mail, pocket their part of the money, send me the other part along with the order and I'd fulfill the order for their customer.

Yes I'm a dinosaur in the advertising and marketing world at the ripe ol' age of 42 now…

When I came to start a business online in 2004, I instantly started teaching people what I knew. I did coaching groups, and videos series, and ebooks, and everything else you can think of to take my knowledge and get it into other people's hands.

I've now been doing that for 17 years…

Everything I learn I take and I pass it down…

Currently I do that all via online workshops. These workshops are done live via Zoom. You can attend and watch me do and teach everything live. They are also recorded so you can watch them at your convenience if you can't make the lives or just need to rewatch them.

I currently have four brands that offer workshops…

LearningIM – This brand does workshops all about the different internet marketing tactics that I teach. There is an offer to get ALL LearningIM workshops for one bundle price.

You can see all workshops at https://learningim.com/all-workshops-w

PLR Profits Coach – This brand does workshops all about different ways to make money and market with PLR content. There is an offer to get ALL PLR Profits Coach workshops for one bundle price. I recently just added that. πŸ˜‰

You can see all workshops at https://plrprofitscoach.com/all-access-bundle-offer

Passive Income Squad – This brand does workshops all about passive income. There is an offer to get ALL Passive Income Squad workshops for one bundle price.

You can see all workshops at https://passiveincomesquad.com/all-workshops

Backpack Business Lifestyle – This brand does workshops on various business models. Each workshop covers a different online business model that you can build and profit from. There is NO offer to get all of these workshops at one bundle price.

You can see all workshops at https://backpackbusinesslifestyle.com/sp/current-workshops

And… You can tell what brand a workshop is from by looking at the domain name.

Example: If a workshop has the domain name LearningIM.com in it then that's from the LearningIM brand and if you have the bundle offer you get it for-free. Same for the other three brands that I have bundle offers for.

People absolutely LOVE my workshops because it's all hands on learning. This isn't just me talking through a PowerPoint presentation. This is me actively teaching you and showing you as I go. I encourage you to attend AT LEAST one workshop that meets your needs and experience learning from me. You'll walk away with a ton of knowledge that you need, and they're always highly entertaining via my shenanigans.

Hope to see you in my workshops!



I’m In FB Jail Again!

If you've been on Facebook very long you probably at least know someone who has been put in what we call “FB Jail”. This is where Facebook restricts your account for a certain number of days because of something they say goes against their terms of service.

Now first let me say that MOST of the time they DID post something that goes against their terms of service. Just because you think something is ok, doesn't mean that it is. And, at the end of the day it's Facebook's rules and we're just playing their game. They can do whatever they want.

So, you have two options… Play along or quit the game. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I have been in FB Jail for some stupid things. Like the time I posted a picture of my feet and my cousin said he wanted to tickle them and I commented that I would kick him if he ever did that.


3 days in Facebook jail for threatening someone…

Sometimes they are absolutely ridiculous, but I chalk it up to “the cost of doing business”.

Facebook is a great way for me to market my business, interact with my tribe, and it's fun, so I just play their game.

Now today I posted about building the new TacoAboutMarketing.com brand, and second after I made the post not only did they remove the post, but they put me in Facebook jail stating my post went against their community standards on human exploitation.


How does THAT post have anything to do with human exploitation?

Luckily I was able to appeal it, and they said they were wrong, put my post back on Facebook, and let me out of FB jail.

I'm free!!!

So the point of this post is two fold…

I encourage you to follow me on all of my social media platforms. Here are all the links/accounts…








Second… You don't necessarily need to be on EVERY social media site out there, but find the ones that work for your business and your niche. Build out your profile on each. Build a following on each.


Well because you never know when they will kick you off, put you in their jail, and/or disappear. Plus not everyone is using the same social media sites so you have more chances to get more people into your business by using multiple social media channels.

If you want to learn how to use social media marketing in your business I have a workshop for each of the BIG social media sites. You can see them all at https://learningim.com/all-workshops-w

I recommend you start with one social network at a time, and as I said, build your profile CORRECTLY and build a following. And then move on to the next one. Rinse and repeat.

So, for now… I'm out of FB Jail and I look forward to sharing all my funny and crazy posts about life and lots of stuff about marketing. See you over there!


The Truth About Website Traffic In 2022

There are a lot of tutorials, courses, blog posts, and the list goes on and on all about website traffic, but if you don't know these three things you're going to keep on struggling with getting website traffic. In just over 7 minutes I'll give you the REAL truth about traffic. Check out the video below and if you'd like to learn tons of traffic strategies from me then make sure and checkout my Learning IM Workshops!

How To Setup Your Blog For Marketing And Making Sales In 2021

This is a follow up video to my last Techy Stuff Tutorial. You'll want to watch that before watching this one.

It's at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKyBXL1D9TQ

In this video I'll show you how to setup a blog to use in your marketing.

I'm starting all the way from installing it and covering how to pick a theme and plugins and getting it looking just the way you want! I've done a video like this before, but with all the new updates and changes I have done this one brand new for 2021.

Here is a link to the page that has all the resources I was pointing to in it http://imwithliz.com/online-business-resources-by-topic/blogging-resources

If you have comments or questions just leave them in the comments below…

What Goes Where???

I've been quiet over the last 2 weeks due to Thanksgiving and then… I took an entire week OFF after Thanksgiving just to recover from the last few months.

I've been working non-stop lately on several different brands and projects and I just needed to take a step back, catch my breath, and “refill my tank”.

We are in the last few weeks of the year and I've still got some big stuff to do, so I needed some big energy.

If you can take a few days off and just “veg out” please do it. Down time is just as important as focused work time.

I had an amazing Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family along with AMAZING food (I cooked it ALL this year).

You can see the “spread” I put out this year here… https://youtu.be/CntMZzEWPKo


I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving too!

Anyway… I had someone in one of my Facebook groups ask me about what they should be posting on social media for their business.

That's a hard question to answer because there are so many variables…

What is your goal of your content? Make a sale? Get eye-balls in front of your content? Build your list?

What kind of content does your audience respond to?

Which social media site are you using?

There are so many and each has an audience that likes different stuff!

And more!

But I've made a little guide to help you understand what kind of content to TYPICALLY create for each of the BIG social networks.

Check it out at https://dfysocialmarketingcontent.com/blog/what-content-type-works-for-which-social-media-networks


Okay that's it for now…

In the next couple of weeks I have TWO new things coming out that I'll be telling you about that are really going to help you out if you're in the Internet marketing and/or make-money online niche, so stay tuned πŸ™‚

Talk soon!